About Supercrease©

Supercrease is a unique, patented method of making a freshly pressed crease permanent in a garment, which will never fall out, and does not affect the feel of the cloth. Processed creases stay as sharp and natural as the day they were pressed.

If applied correctly Supercrease will last the life of the garment. It is formulated to withstand repeated dry cleaning, washing and normal wear and tear.

The operation is simple, fast, and efficient using operator friendly, low maintenance and virtually energy free technology. Once applied the process is complete with no further need to either press or apply heat.


Cartridges and Storage

Cartridges come in 2 colours which coincide with the colour of resin in the cartridge. Black have a black resin inside for use on dark heavy fabrics and the white cartridges contain a clear resin for use on lighter fabrics.


To protect the quality of this product, ALWAYS store in a cool environment at 20°C 68°F or less. Storage above this temperature will affect the curing/setting or the Supercrease Product. Avoid storage in direct sunlight. It is acceptable to store cartridges in a normal refrigerator or an air conditioned room.


It is recommended that factory workers collect the correct number of cartridges in the morning of the days production and return any unused or partly used cartridges to refrigeration at the end of each day.

Stock Rotation / Cartridge Shelf Life / Use by Date

The cartridges have a guaranteed 6 month shelf life with a use by date and batch number lasered onto the body of the cartridge. The cartridge must not be used after that date as the consistency of the resin cannot be guaranteed. In order to ensure the quality of product it is important to rotate stock, i.e. use oldest stock first.


These are supplied in packs of 25, in three colours:

Blue:                                      For very light weight fabrics. Has a 0.25mm opening.

Red:                                       For the majority of qualifying light weight fabrics. Has a 0.5mm opening.

Yellow:                                   For middle weight fabrics. Has a 0.75mm opening.

Clear (Optional):                   For heavy weight fabrics like denim, thick 100% cotton opening. Has a 1.0mm opening

The wider the opening the more air pressure is required for consistency of application.

The pressure should never exceed 20psi.


Key Check List

✓ Carry out a light test!

Hold the fabric up to a bright light. This will help to make sure the fabric is suitable for Supercrease processing. If necessary, run a test strip in the back-seam or spare fabric.

✓ Is the crease sharply pressed/seams aligned?

If not, re-press! Remember, the quality of the Supercrease is only as good as the crease pressed.

✓ Is the compressor switched on?

Check the airflow.

✓ Set the pressure gauge!

Set at your personal pressure setting — No higher than 20psi.

✓ Select the correct colour of resin!

Either clear or black.

✓ Select the colour of nib!

Either Red or Yellow.

✓ Test the resin flow!

Stop, clean or change the nib then begin application.

✓ Check the quality of the application!

Check all four creases before placing back on the hanger.

✓ Clean the V groove! Clean the index table leg lance V groove to avoid resin build-up!


Safety Guidelines

The Supercrease solution has an innovative chemical composition and releases no harmful fumes on application.

It has been certified as ‘Non Hazardous’ to humans and the environment under current legislation.

Toxicology Data confirms this product as ‘Safe for manual application’, Eco-toxicity Data confirms this product as ‘Non- Hazardous’ to the environment, Transport Regulations state ‘No warning sign required’.