Thermopatch has developed a new emblem which can be used on almost all delicate garments : MinuteMark.

MinuteMark can be sealed on with a Thermopatch heat seal machine on a low temperature, but also with an iron!

Because of the low temperature, the press will not leave any marks of the press platen onto the garment.

The emblems can be ironed on without steam, with a protective fatfree paper between emblem and iron and with the setting “wool” (2 points) on the iron.

After that the garment is washable at 40°C.

Iron and heat seal

The emblems can be ironed on and can therefore be used on any location, at any moment and by anyone.

This offers new possibilities and applications. Besides ironing it is also possible to seal the emblems on with a Thermopatch heat seal machine, conditions are as follows:

• 130°C for 14 to 20 seconds or 150°C for 10 to 12 seconds

• 0,5 until 1 kg/cm2 pressure


Because of our newest printing techniques the MinuteMark emblems can be produced in almost any colour, shape and size; there are almost no limitations. Moreover, the emblems can also contain a photographic image.

The MinuteMark emblems can be delivered in different sizes, from breast size emblem (up to 100 cm2) to back size emblems (100-500 cm2) with a minimum quantity of 15 pieces per design.

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